[eDebate] Totally Tangential Reply To Branson

Josh Hoe jbhdb8
Tue Mar 6 15:55:19 CST 2007

Whit et al,

You make two arguments: 1) that you should not give credit for quals that
are not read:

I never ever said people ought not read qualifications, your argument seems
to beg the question of mine, at best it is an addition to the plan - people
should read card + warrant + qualifications...I know I work hard to make
sure that all qualified authors that I cut have qualifications proudly ready
to read.

A second argument here is that, at some level, you are always forced to
compare arguments on subjective standards...My argument was we should err on
the side of academically defensible ones as educators not simply throw our
hands up and say "its all good!"

Your second argument is that all intervention breeds more intervention:

First, It is hardly political bias to actually privlege evidence
from qualified sources over evidence from people who are not qualified.  In
addition, you make no argument for why it is academically defensible.  My
argument is precisely that the academic DA should OW the fairness/strategery
ADV.  What you have summed up is precisely the judging I criticized.  The
vast majority of judges seem to agree with you (which to me is sad).

Second, you have to believe you can be objective....or that your
"objectivity" itself isnt erring on the side of a particular philosophy.  In
this instance, your ideology that you protect through your judging is that
of an unfettered marketplace - a debate libertarianism - in which the
debaters are responsible for all arguments and the judge magically decides
everything without actually applying an ideological bent.  In other words,
you are no more objective than I am - you are just pretending your standards
can be objective (very self-serving argument).

Finally, hope your internet got fixed :)


Do subjective decisions get handed down all the time? Yes. Is true
objectivity impossible to achieve? Yes. Does that mean we should abandon our
attempts to be objective and revel in our subjectivity? No.

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