[eDebate] New Aff - What is?

Brent Saindon basaindon
Wed Mar 7 16:09:03 CST 2007

I'm more with Scott Harris on this one -- it is not a "new"  affirmative. Howver, one should not feel obligated to disclose the  content of strategic changes. Perhaps in the case of breaking new  "tricks", new plans, etc., giving the team a general idea about what is  going to happen is appropriate (even a case area). 
  I generally tend to think that no affirmative is new unless every element has changed except the case area.
  This topic does not really allow for many new cases -- but some new  advantages or plan mechanisms. I think that is probably enough, since  this is where a lot of the debate happens anyway.
  Can I pose a question: what's the significant difference that suggests  that running an affirmative never run by your squad (but functionally  ripped off a caselist from another squad) is new while running  affirmative new to the team but not to the squad is not new? I feel  like this is a good intuitive limit, but I cannot rationalize my  feelings on the subject very well. Perhaps we need to think about the  rapid dissemination of caselist information occuring over the last few  years and its impact on the concept of "new" arguments. We seem to so  quickly exhaust topic research as a community that very little seems  "new" after the first month or two of the season.
  Just a few thoughts...
  Brent Saindon
  U. Pittsburgh

Josh Hoe <jbhdb8 at gmail.com> wrote:  If you read it and its different from the aff you read before (new  plan, new advantages, new tricks) its new....if its new cards on the  old advantages its probably old,

  On 3/7/07, debate at ou.edu <debate at ou.edu> wrote:  
So I think this is a problem we run into with such a small topic.

My big question to everyone, is what is a "new affirmative" in disclosure?  

I feel like there has been times where we say "new affirmative" and some believe it might not be.

Visa versa

There is a definately a greay area hear.

Is this a team standard or community standard?  

I will leave the discussion open at this point.

What are some of the norms most people abide by?



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