[eDebate] Judging at CEDA Nats

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Mon Mar 12 10:14:29 CDT 2007

i will volunteer 3 rounds to the tournament

On 3/12/07, Gary Larson <Gary.N.Larson at wheaton.edu> wrote:
> As we prepare for CEDA Nats in just 10 days, we would appreciate it if you
> could finalize your judging as soon as possible.  At present, Bruschke's
> site indicates that 34 rounds (nearly 9 full teams) are not covered by
> judging.  We are also interested in having everyone indicate whether they
> are willing to judge one (or more) additional rounds as volunteers or for
> hire by the tournament.  As always, in order for the community to fully
> benefit from mutual preference judge assignments, it is necessary for the
> community to together provide the rounds that make it possible to optimize
> assignments for all tournament participants.
> Thanks,
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