[eDebate] Missing NDT Disclosure As of Monday

lacyjp lacyjp
Mon Mar 19 19:45:34 CDT 2007

Below are the teams we have no Pre NDT info posted at 
http://opencaselist.wikispaces.com/NDT+List as of 8:30 eastern

If you are on the list, get your information posted on the wiki or send 
it to the appropriate person ASAP (See the email messages below.) This 
may be as simple as verifying that the old information on the wiki is 
accurate & complete, or just updating it with changes you've made.

Thanks Again!
--JP Lacy
lacyjp at wfu.edu

ps-As I said last night, if you've already submitted your information, 
but it isn't posted, its either lost or the Wake staff hasn't had time 
to post it. Re-sending your info, or just posting it) is probably a good 

Baylor LT (Lansford &Tripe)
Baylor JO (Johnson Oie)
Emory SS (Schwab Sun)
Fullerton MM -- Need Neg
Georgia State LP (Lemuel & Pozzi)
Georgetown GH (Gingerich & Hantel)
George Washington SW (Sterling & Wallace)
James Madison GY (Gonzalez-Black & Yarbrough)
Kansas JL (Johnson & Lathrop)
Kansas State SZ (Stout & Zarazan) ? Need Neg
Kentucky GT (Gentile & Theodosopoulos)
Liberty CK (Costa Koch) (Sending info Monday)
North Texas CE (Cholera & Elson) ? Need previous affs (If they aren?t 
already on the wiki) & Neg
Northern Iowa BP (Beier & Pham) ? Need Neg
Pittsburgh FM (Forte & Mangus)
Richmond CS (Chicvak & Smith) ? Need Neg
Samford AB (Agnello Bowers)
Samford MW (Macumber & Wilkerson)
Texas TW (Thiele & Whitaker) ? Need Neg
Wake Forest LP (Lamballe & Patten) ? Need Neg

>>>>What do we want & when do we need it?
>>>>         [Well, we need all the information you're willing to share 
>>as soon
>>>>as you can get it to us. Anything to make scouting the tournament easier
>>>>will be appreciated by many.]
>>>>As far as self-disclosure goes:
>>>>**Deadline: Saturday, March 17th.
>>>>I know, it sounds early. But, the 17th is really only four days before 
>>>>Nats. There is barely any time between the end of CEDA & the start of the
>>>>NDT. The idea is to get as much pre-tournament disclosure as soon as
>>>>possible, before everyone scrambles to get ready for CEDA Nats & the NDT.
>>>>Affirmative Disclosure--
>>>>The most recent plan text(s) you've read.
>>>>Complete 1ac outline(s) with full cites [Author, Source, Date, URL, page
>>>>#s, First & Last phrases.]
>>>>2ac add-ons
>>>>2ac answers to common negative positions (including off case args & major
>>>>case arguments)
>>>>If your 1ac is not 'traditional', describe your affirmative in as much
>>>>detail as necessary to provide the opposition the equivalent of the above.
>>>>[Plus full cites for anything that can be cited -- like music or movie
>>>>Negative Disclosure--
>>>>Basic rule: Disclose the quantity & quality of information you'd want from
>>>>a team when you are affirmative.
>>>>Include at minimum the generic strategies you've deployed thus far, with a
>>>>complete outline & full citations as described above.
>>>>I don't think anyone expects you to disclose new arguments before you read
>>>>them. Keeping 'caselist-able' electronic versions of new arguments is a
>>>>great way to help the scouts keep up.
>>>>Blank pages are gradually filling with information at
>>>>So, send your info (or better, join the wiki & post it) to the person
>>>>responsible for your district (see below) as soon as possible!
>>>>--JP Lacy
>>>>lacyjp at wfu.edu
>>>>At 12:06 PM 3/6/2007, Ross K. Smith wrote:
>>>>>The Wake Coaching staff offered to be this year's NDT pre-tournament
>>>>>"Scouting Director" to complement and coordinate with Becky Opsata who
>>>>>will be the Director at the tournament.
>>>>>As you may recall from the excellent efforts of Stefan Bauschard last
>>>>>year, our job is to collect and organize aff and neg info on each of the
>>>>>attending schools/teams.
>>>>>Much like with the Wake caselist preceding our tournament, the effort
>>>>>involves some self-disclosure combined with what we dig up and what you
>>>>>send us about your opponents' arguments.
>>>>>All will be posted on the wiki at http://opencaselist.wikispaces.com/
>>>>>J.P. Lacy will have further information, requests, and/or instructions.
>>>>>Meanwhile, we have divided the responsibility for list creation and
>>>>>maintenance among our coaches as follows, so go ahead and send them
>>>>>useful info:
>>>>>D1: Joe Packer <packjc5 at wfu.edu>
>>>>>D2 and D4: Casey Harrigan  <harrcd6 at wfu.edu>
>>>>>D3: Brad Hall  <hallbc2 at WFU.EDU>
>>>>>D5: Sarah Spring <sprise5 at wfu.edu>
>>>>>D6: Ross Smith <smithr at wfu.edu>
>>>>>D7: Paul Johnson <johnpe5 at wfu.edu>
>>>>>D8 and D9: Brian DeLong <delobl6 at wfu.edu>
>>>>>Ross K. Smith
>>>>>Debate Coach
>>>>>Wake Forest University
>>>>>336-758-5268 (o)
>>>>>336-251-2076 (cell)
>>>>>eDebate mailing list
>>>>>eDebate at www.ndtceda.com
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