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Donald Bryson anabaptist
Tue Mar 20 13:43:03 CDT 2007

Well, here's the problem.  I just tried to switch it to a Live Draft and they aren't giving me any dates past March 31st since the season starts April 1st.

Really odd.  They'll usually let you start late.
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  I assume that would be preferable for most, although I am not 100%


  On 3/20/07, Donald Bryson <anabaptist at alltel.net> wrote: 
    That's fine by me.  I just wanted to do whatever is cool with everyone.

    I'll send another e-mail to edebate.
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      As last years second place finisher....arghhhhhh.

      Nobody will want to do it if its an auto-draft.  A better option is to set the draft date for the weekend after the NDT (which is what we did last year).


      ps. at least I beat Whit

      On 3/20/07, Donald Bryson <anabaptist at alltel.net > wrote: 
        Opening Day is April 1st!  

        I've started a Debate Fantasy Baseball League on Yahoo! Sports.  There is space available for 20 teams.

        The rules are exactly the same as last year's fantasy league that Whit Whitmore set up. However, knowing that everyone is really busy with CEDA Nats and the NDT I have set up the draft as Auto Pick instead of a Live Draft.  If you want that changed however, it can be. 

        E-mail me and I'll send you an invite with the League ID# and password.

        Donald Bryson

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