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Congrats and welcome to the district.

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> Pittsburgh is a city of confluences. Its picturesque skyline unfolds
> around merging rivers, and now, four current and former Directors of
> Debate come together in the city's most storied university to form an
> argumentation and debate dream team.
> This exciting development results from the University of Pittsburgh's
> appointment of Shanara Reid as its newest faculty member in the Department
> of Communication. Reid comes aboard as a tenure-steam Assistant Professor
> and Director of Debate, with responsibility for steering Pittsburgh's
> intercollegiate policy debate team and developing her groundbreaking
> scholarly research program. Joining Reid on the debate coaching staff is
> Associate Professor Gordon Mitchell, who will focus on public debate,
> debate outreach, publicity and development in his new role as Director of
> the William Pitt Debating Union.
> Pittsburgh's current Department Chair, Barbara Warnick, was formerly
> Director of Debate at Tulane University, while Professor John Lyne headed
> up the University of Iowa's debate program before joining the Pittsburgh
> faculty in the mid-1990s. The Pittsburgh quartet of Reid, Mitchell, Lyne
> and Warnick marks a convergence of debate program leadership and scholarly
> expertise in argumentation unsurpassed in the academy. Details on the
> roster of Pittsburgh's argumentation and debate dream team follow below
> the fold.
> * * *
> Shanara Reid
> Assistant Professor
> Director of Debate (2007-present)
>   Reid's University of Georgia doctoral dissertation explores how debaters
> use innovative forms of argumentation, such as hip hop music, to
> challenge prevailing norms of argument practice and press for a more
> racially inclusive intercollegiate policy debate community. She holds an
> M.A. in Communication from the University of Alabama and a B.A. in
> Political Science from Emory University. As one of the first generation
> of students to participate in the U.S. Urban Debate League program, Reid
> starred for Therrell High School in Atlanta, GA. While debating for
> Emory as an undergraduate student, she qualified for the elimination
> rounds and won individual speaking awards at many major national
> tournaments, reaching the quarterfinals of the Cross Examination Debate
> Association's national championship. Her numerous debate honors include
> Baylor's Debater of the Year Award and the Southeastern Regional Debate
> Critic of the Year Award. Reid's research on the rhetorical, cultural
> and political dimensions of hip hop music has been presented at national
> conferences and selected competitively for inclusion in the "New Voices"
> panel sponsored by the Critical/Cultural Studies Division at the
> National Communication Association (NCA). She has been recognized as one
> of the field's top young scholars, being invited to attend the NCA
> Doctoral Honors Seminar. This remarkable level of research achievement
> is matched in classroom excellence; Reid received the S.P.A.R.K.S.
> Teaching Award and the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award while at the
> University of Georgia.
> Gordon Mitchell
> Associate Professor
> Director of the William Pitt Debating Union (2007-presnt)
> Director of Debate, University of Pittsburgh (1995-2006)
>   A Pittsburgh native, Mitchell first cut his debate chops at Quaker
> Valley High School in Edgeworth, PA. As a college debater at
> Northwestern University he earned three NDT first-round bids, won top
> speaker at the NDT, and reached the final round of 14 major national
> tournaments. In 11 years as Director of Debate at the University of
> Pittsburgh, Mitchell guided teams to elimination rounds at major
> national tournaments including the NDT, CEDA Nationals, Towson Novice
> Nationals, Northwestern Novice Nationals, Northwestern, Wake Forest,
> Kentucky, and others. He also convened over 100 public debates and
> designed curriculum for multiple debate outreach programs, including
> those administered by the U.S. Department of State. Mitchell's research
> program specializes in public address and argument, rhetoric of science,
> and critical pedagogy. His book on the public argumentation surrounding
> the U.S. missile defense program won the NCA Winans-Wichelns Award for
> Distinguished Scholarship in Public Address. He edited the Proceedings
> of the First Diversity Recruitment and Retention in Debate Ideafest and
> has published numerous field-shaping articles on argumentation in The
> Quarterly Journal of Speech, Argumentation & Advocacy, Social
> Epistemology, Controversia, and The Rostrum. The University of
> Pittsburgh recognized Mitchell's work on public debate and debate
> outreach with the Bellet Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching
> and the Chancellor's Award for Distinguished Teaching.
> John Lyne
> Professor
> Director of Debate, University of Iowa (1985-1991)
>   As a debater for University High School in Bowling Green, KY and then
> Western Kentucky University, Lyne honed a command of argumentation
> helped make his paper on the semiotic dimensions of argument a key
> contribution to the inaugural 1981 Alta Argumentation Conference. For
> the next quarter century, Lyne's scholarly leadership helped shape the
> field. Building on his experience as co-founder of the University of
> Iowa's Project on the Rhetoric of Inquiry (POROI), Lyne published
> "Social Epistemology as a Rhetoric of Inquiry" in Argumentation and
> "Argument in the Human Sciences" in the influential anthology,
> Perspectives on Argumentation. His research excellence in argumentation
> was recognized with the American Forensic Association's 1985 Daniel
> Rohrer Award; a distinction paralleled in intercollegiate policy debate
> by his team's second place finish at the National Debate Tournament.
> Also at Iowa, Lyne breathed life into the argumentation as a liberal art
> by teaching "Theory and Practice of Argument," a large undergraduate
> course that met a general education requirement. Most recently, Lyne
> used the lens of argumentation to reframe rhetoric of science's research
> trajectory in "Science, Common Sense, and the Third Culture," an article
> published in Argumentation & Advocacy.
> Barbara Warnick
> Professor and Chair
> Director of Debate, Tulane University (1977-1980)
>   Warnick, former editor of the Quarterly Journal of Speech, is one of the
> field's leading argumentation theorists and co-author of the acclaimed
> textbook, Critical Thinking and Communication: The Use of Reason in
> Argument. In articles for Communication Quarterly and Argumentation &
> Advocacy, Warnick used the conceptual scaffolding of argument schemes to
> inform critique of presidential addresses and analysis of practical
> reasoning. Her resourceful deployment of argumentation analysis to
> elucidate wide-ranging phenomena is also evident in articles on
> cross-cultural discourse and artificial intelligence for the
> Amsterdam-based journal Argumentation. Warnick has reviewed Jonsen and
> Toulmin's Abuse of Casuistry for Philosophy and Rhetoric, and
> contributed a groundbreaking treatment of Lucie Olbrechts-Tyteca's role
> in developing the theory of argumentation advanced in The New Rhetoric.
> Much of Warnick's most recent work focuses on rhetorical dynamics of
> online discourse. Her lead review essay for Argumentation & Advocacy
> entitled, "Analogues to Argument: New Media and Literacy in a Posthuman
> Era," explored how contemporary trends in online communication implicate
> the research agenda for argumentation studies. Following her stint
> leading Tulane's debate program, Warnick published an analysis of value
> debate propositions in The Journal of the American Forensics
> Association.
> * * *
> Gordon R. Mitchell
> Associate Professor of Communication / Director of Debate
> University of Pittsburgh
> CL 1117, 4200 Fifth Ave.
> Pittsburgh, PA 15260
> Phone: (412) 624-8531
> Fax: (412) 624-1878
> http://www.pitt.edu/~gordonm/
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