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Ede Warner ewarner
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The Oklahoma CEDA Nationals was special.  Their use of their home-field advantage was awesome!!! Congrats to Jackie, Jason, and the entire OU team for running one of the best CEDA Nationals in memory and winning the title, what a precedent!
As far as a comment like, "it can't be us?"  Sure, it can.  As the 2004 host who lost the ability to use our entire Business school, because people moved and damaged equipment, including taking nice chairs in the rain to carry evidence to other buildings, trashing rooms, and breaking projection equipment, I can say with confidence, "probably us".  
We likely won't hold another CEDA nationals due to room constraints created by the loss of those rooms.  The OU President that dropped $50K will at a minimum subtract a damage deposit if he does so again, and likely won't be as generous in the future if their is too much fallout.
Why didn't 2004 prevent 2007?  Probably because we look for closure in words and are unwilling to take actions to ensure these problems stop.  Jackie trusted us and we betrayed that trust.  Sadly, the culture will only change when it has too...when then are no more hosts left and a group of seniors don't get to have that senior nationals experience.  Then it will become real and people will make real changes in their habits, including coaches and debaters holding each other accountable for taking care of rooms, property, etc.  Until that happens, the problem will continue...And that's very, very, sad.
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