[eDebate] solution to pillaging

Josh Hoe jbhdb8
Tue Mar 27 13:08:55 CDT 2007

I usually would joke along with you but the problem is that HOLDING
TOURNAMENTS relies on continued good will from administrators. If we
continue down the current path people will not agree to host tournaments.
This has now effected multiple CEDA national tournaments and the Wake
tournament...And I am sure it has effected many others as well.

My guess is that you enjoy debating.....Traveling....Seeing your friends?

Oh, and by the way, if you steal 5k in equiptment from a University that was
nice enough to host you....you probably should be prosecuted.


On 3/27/07, kellen mcaffee <theonlykellen at hotmail.com> wrote:
>  Hold debate tournaments in prisons. This would solve several problems in
> the community:
> 1. Pillaging.  There is not much you can do to cement walls and all the
> furniture is bolted down.  If there is vandalism, guards will be standing by
> with clubs and there is always the threat of "the hole."
> 2. Late starting times.  One word: "Lockdown."
> 3. RFD: we're totally "shanking" them on this argument.
> 4. Elitism.  nothing does more to invert social heirarchies than full body
> cavity searches before each debate.
> 5. Cost of lodging at tournaments.  Think about your debate partner and
> ask yourself: who would win in a fight for the top bunk?
> 6. Too many bathroom breaks.  A lot of people sound like they're pushing
> one out while giving a speech anyway.  I personally like to make my
> decisions after debates on the toilet, and public defacation would be the
> price you pay for stealing prep.
> 7. Not enough private prisons in the world.  well maybe we don't all agree
> that this is a problem, just consider it a preempt to any overcrowding
> arguments.
> 8. Poor diets due to fast food.  mmmmmm...... canned meatloaf!
> In conclusion, isn't pillaging what prisons were designed to solve for in
> the first place?
> Kellen McAffee
> Weber Debate
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