[eDebate] Student Rep. Meeting Updates

m m michael
Fri Mar 30 15:50:27 CDT 2007

  There is no doubt in anyone?s mind that betterment of the debate community is a worthy goal.  If the goal is increased participation and contribution to the debate community here are some suggestions.
        First, the meeting should be held at a time and place where the most people possible can attend.  This year there were only roughly fifteen people in the room.  I also agree that the blog is a wonderful idea, and I would have liked to have talked about that during the meeting. 

Second, we should be willing to delay the meeting due to external circumstances.  Several schools had flight delays because of weather and were unable to attend the meeting.  Half of the Missouri State squad was not able to attend the meeting because Ermo got lost (at least he didn?t run out of gas) and arrived only a few minutes late. 
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