[eDebate] Meeting/Participation Concerns

candice moore cmoore075
Sat Mar 31 17:06:26 CDT 2007

Thank you Adam for noticing my efforts. I am very appreciative of your 
response and concerns.

I think something that is looked over and something that would help with a 
lot of these issues is that a lot of regions are not represented by a 
student. I found this true when after the business meetings last year when I 
posted a letter to call all Student Reg Reps to give me some ideas as to 
what they think their roles should be as well as the importance of the flaws 
in the processes of electing our representatives. I think that before we can 
get to the important issue of the election that we should first start 
representing ourselves in our regions and get together in any form and 
brainstorm ideas to make sure the elections are better and that we have more 
attention to the flaws of the system. It's really hard to make things better 
when no one has spoken out until they are not happy with a decision that has 
been made. I waited some time to see if more people would show up to BOTH of 
the meetings and tried with other student reps to get more people from the 
lobby into the elections meeting. Certain circumstances hindered students 
from attending outside of travel issues. I thought that the steps I took 
were the best I could do at the time and I feel really bad that the 
community thinks my efforts were not good enough. I am new to the role as 
the National Student Rep and I have had to do a lot to start progressing 
things to show more involvement in the community. I find it difficult to 
start from scratch and build a strong group of individuals that really truly 
love debate. The question of the election process is something that we all 
discussed at the Student Rep meeting and it is something that we are trying 
to work on and in the process of working on. In regards to holding this 
election at the NDT I would have to say that sticking with the tradition of 
holding it at CEDA nats is best. This is something the CEDA organization has 
given us as students so we can represent ourselves through CEDA. I also 
think that holding the meeting at the NDT would be troubling considering you 
have to qualify to be there and people are trying their hardest to do well 
at the one dream we are all trying to get to. I do agree as I have said that 
15-20 people is BS and that it needs to be solved but I dont think that 
holding a new election is going to show more student participation in the 
community. This is the beginning of more student participation as well as 
showing we will go above and beyond and attend all the meetings we can and 
give our input. I am just trying to get it going and trying to think of 
solutions for the problems we are faced with.  Once again keep on giving me 
feedback and suggestions I really enjoy it all.

Candice Moore
National Student Rep. 2006-2007

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