[eDebate] Wyoming Debate Cooperative: Call for Registrations

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Tue May 1 17:00:33 CDT 2007

As we are rolling into the month of May, it's time for people to begin registering for the 2007 Wyoming Debate Cooperative, which will take place August 1-14.  During the next several weeks we will be posting information about labs, lecture options, and activities.  But for now, we want to know who already knows they are coming.
First, a few reminders:
1. NDT/CEDA debaters and coaches will all enroll for the 2-week option.  
2. Registration AND lab activities will take place on August 1, so people can arrive on that date, or the night before.  For those doing the 2-week option, checkout is either on the evening of the 14th or the morning of the 15th.  However, those wishing to come in the night before check-in, or stay the evening after, will be charged $19 per extra dorm night.
3. The cost of the cooperative is $275 for the 2-week option. Payment is due at registration.  
Send an email to stannard at uwyo.edu with the following information:
--Your name
--Your school
--Your phone number
--Your email address
--The type of debate you'll be participating in at the cooperative (eg, NDT/CEDA)
--Your experience level (in the form of completing the following sentence: "This fall, I will begin my _____ year of academic debate.")
Please let me know if you have any questions.  Stay tuned for further information.  We look forward to seeing many of you in August!
Matt Stannard
Wyoming Speech and Debate Union
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