[eDebate] Wake Grad assistanships still open!

Ross K. Smith smithr
Thu May 3 12:25:53 CDT 2007

Because the rest of the dept. may not get their share, debate may well 
have openings for mor graduate assistant coaches for next year.

Brad Hall, Casey Harrigan and Brian DeLong will still be with us and 
will be joined by Andrea Reed and Sean Luchtenfeld.

Why do it?
1) If might ever want to coach debate longer term, Wake Debate coach 
alums have been among the most successful at all levels.

2) Studying communication means writing a thesis on whatever interests 
you most. Really, whatever you enjoy learning and writing about.

3) Face it, your alternative to debate is  . . .

4) Most importantly, we have an awesome group of debaters -- young, 
talented, hard working, nice, and fun.

Flip me a backchannel or call the cell if you are at all interested.
Ross K. Smith
Debate Coach
Wake Forest University

336-758-5268 (o)
336-251-2076 (cell)


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