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Because  the rest of the dept. may not get their share, debate may well 
have  openings for mor graduate assistant coaches for next year.

Brad Hall,  Casey Harrigan and Brian DeLong

This email reminded me of a small way in which college directors could help  
the high school community. This weekend many of your students/assistant  
coaches will be judging at the TOC and should be conflicted from judging  those 
students who will be attending your school next year or who are being  recruited 
by your school.
If you could please send your students/assistant coaches that plan to judge  
at the TOC a list of those students who have committed to attend your  
institution and/or you have been recruiting to attend your institution.
This is necessary because, to be honest, many of us in the high school  
community can't/don't keep track of who all the graduate assistants and debaters  
at each program are.
For example, I have a student who will be attending Wake next year and  while 
I knew that we should constrain Brad and Casey I didn't know Brian was at  
Wake. It is also very possible that Brian doesn't even know my student. That's  
not a problem until Round 5 when he judges us and in casual conversation it  
comes up that they will both be at Wake next year. 
I'd prefer to avoid even the hint of a conflict when my students are  
debating and I'm sure most of my colleagues would also. So please give us a  hand.

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