[eDebate] DCA Bio #9.7: Patricia B. (Mc)Todd(enson)

kellen mcaffee theonlykellen
Sun May 6 01:46:22 CDT 2007

First of all I would like to express/expel a smelly, disheveled "load" of 
regret (just as any DCA Bio-engineer would).  I am sorry that it is I who 
has to make this posting, and you can be assured that I am wearing rubber 
gloves and a respirator as I lay this life bare, err... author this "Bio."

Patricia B. Todd (Mc)Todd(enson)

As an unwitting participant, Patricia learned more about herself than 
anything else as she interacted with our community.  What was most striking 
was her unbelievable tolerance in relation to the norms of our activity. 
Despite obviously not agreeing with our perspectives, she embraced them 
wholeheartedly and commended us for our commitment to academic rigor and 
honesty.  Rather than simply taking a dump on our community and bragging 
about its size, its shape, or its timing, Patricia took full advantage of 
our open forum and expressed herself vividly and with rhetorical finesse.

In closing, I would like to thank Patricia for her contribution and place my 
solemn stamp of approval on the DCA process.*

Kellen McAffee
Dean of Students
College of the Ironically Stupid
1.25% better than my neighbors, America

*(Questions of vulgarity mask issues of disparity).

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