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Michael Korcok mmk_savant
Sun May 6 06:04:20 CDT 2007

Ms. Todd:
While I believe that some of the young men who express themselves without so much as a care about how they might be perceived by others are acting rashly, your conduct is plainly despicable.   You are threatening to cause harm to the reputations of these young men because you don't like their speech.   You made sure to note that you are an attorney in North Carolina and I expect that the North Carolina Bar Association would be interested to know how you use that status.   Maybe shutting people up by threatening to call their boss, dean, or pastor is acceptable behavior in your little mind, but it doesn't fly among adults.  You stand outside strip bars and inside liquor stores jotting down your neighbors' names, too?
I humbly suggest a few alternatives to making a jackass of yourself in the act of throwing away your family's funds:
a) figure out how to unsubscribe:  a savvy 8-year old should be capable of it.  
in Windows Live, for example, every single message has an "Unsubscribe" link along the top of every listserve message.
if you visit www.ndtceda.com/mailman/listinfo/edebate the bottom of the page has unsubscribing instructions as well.
b) block the listserv in your mail program.
c) do not read the posts that you find unhelpful:  this should be trivially simple since you only "accidentally" subscribed and do not find the listserve useful.  SO STOP READING IT.
d) suck it up like a big person.  surely you have learned by now that people say and write all sorts of things that ruffle your delicacies.  tattling is what little people do:  big people shrug it off.
e) put out your ears and eyes with sharp hot pokers.  as unpleasant as some of the recent text is, it is weak sauce compared to what is on the Internet.  or in a quality art gallery.  or at any junior high school party.  if this leads you to harass these young men, then drop your clients now because you will be calling deans, bosses, spouses, parents, and pastors 24/7/52 ...
Michael Korcok
Bakersfield College
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