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About the Cooperative Lecture Series
Topic lectures, research lectures, skills lectures, these "standards" take place between 10:00 and noon throughout most of the WDC.  Optional Lectures at the WDC take place both at 9:00 AM and 10:00 PM every lecture day and may go on after the standard lectures have ended (depending on demand).  Between classroom and lounge space and those time blocks we have room for a virtually unlimited number of lectures.  Typically we have three or four going at once, a rate that can sustain about twenty optional lectures per cooperative.  Students from all types and leagues of debate attend these lectures, offering a unique opportunity for parliamentary debaters to hear the encyclopedic wisdom and competitive enthusiasm of Ken DeLaughder, and policy debaters the esoteric, rhythmic and anarchical rantings of Brandan Whearty...
Traditionally we've had coach-types do most of these, but spots are open to debaters as well.  Anyone is welcome to throw their lecture into the optional lecture buffet and we'll _try_ to accomodate everyone.  We ask the following if you want to give a lecture:
1. Make it a good one, thoroughly researched, with lots of citations for people to learn more about the subject, and well-structured, understandable, etc.  
2. Have a transcript of it with complete sentences, as prose-like and readable as possible, with bibliography, so that we can make it universally available (by posting the text of the lecture, or the link to it, at debatecooperative.net).  
Here are some lectures we've had in the past, to give you an idea of the kinds of things covered in the optional series:
Privacy Law
Materiality and Class in Debate
International Relations Primer
Latin America
Socio-Sexual Pathology, Sadomasochism and Debate
Introduction to Performative Debate
Causality, Complexity, and Chaos Theory
This year I already know of a mass discussion taking place on the future of parliamentary debate, and we are trying to recruit lecturers on: "What, 'exactly,' is calculative thinking?", argumentation and sexuality, a panel discussion on "The Performative Turn Five (or so) Years Later" as well as a discussion on how to get more funding for your team.  I am also trying to finally complete my long-promised observations on debate and Brechtian political theater.  

Those interested in writing and presenting lectures should contact me at stannard at uwyo.edu.
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