[eDebate] Clean up the DCA

Paul Leader leaderdb8
Sun May 6 14:34:10 CDT 2007

I think Ms. Todd's email is a warning sign.  We should either clean up the 
bios for DCA, or just eliminate it.
Do we want to risk the loss of some programs b/c this type of nonsense gets 
sent to someone's administration?  Also, Mr. Jennings seems like a nice 
fellow, and someday a potential future employer might run across this stuff 
and not appreciate our "tongue-in-cheek" intentions, and throw his resume 
right in the trashcan.
The current postings for DCA are offensive, rude, and vulgar.  I am a pretty 
liberal-minded guy, but I stopped reading them b/c they are offensive and 
It is entirely possible to be funny and "roast" someone without this stuff.  
For example, I wrote a year-end summary for the ENMU Debate team (as do many 
other coaches), that pokes fun at everybody on our team, but never crosses 
the line into vulgar, offensive, obscene material.  It makes fun of all in a 
light-hearted matter and does not contain anything that I would worry about 
our administration reading.
I say either clean up this stuff, or end the DCA awards.
Paul Leader
ENMU Debate Coach

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