[eDebate] Dr. Jon smokes Snoop Dogg Quantities

Josh Pang jpiddyedebate
Sun May 6 14:57:24 CDT 2007

Yeah, not like this means much to many, but the F-Town squad unanimously decided that it was a clear negative win in the commercial break before Jon apparently shocked the world.

Sorry Mo'nique. And sorry Toni. :)

Fullerton '07

I agree with Mr. Dr. Snoop Jon...low point win for the negative!!!! 

>>> "Jeffrey.Jarman" <Jeffrey.Jarman at wichita.edu> 5/6/2007 12:37 PM >>> 

It must be true. I just heard it on MTV. Direct quote. 
It apparently altered his judgment, because no one else seemed to agree with 
his decision. 

The only thing worse than being on MTV's Charm School is admitting you watch 


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