[eDebate] Ans Josh, DCA business...

Chris Crowe velcrowe
Wed May 9 14:49:08 CDT 2007

Actually, Josh, it's an actual bio my friends put some time into for someone
that was instrumental in the debate careers of a lot of people.  Brian
DeLong, Martin Osborn, Will Jensen, Travis Cram and myself, among many
others owe a substantial portion of our involvement in the activity to him
and wouldn't be here without him, no question.  It's not a slight on the bio
process, nor a poke at you.  I thought the bio was really funny (because I
get all the jokes, probably) and a great way to send him off.  If you didn't
get the humor, well, you didn't get it, but we love him and miss him.

You do post a lot, but it's not ALL about you.  This is something we talked
about doing before the controversies about the DCA even re-ignited.



Christopher Crowe
University of Wyoming
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