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Michael Korcok mmk_savant
Wed May 9 15:53:10 CDT 2007

You DO understand the real problem here... a great DCA-like bio for Lyttle gets written and posted...  classy, funny, warm, excellent all around... probably THE role model bio as far as meeting your criteria for a good bio...and YOU think it's a PARODY... I love you man, but...   on a related topic, is there a way for me to post a photo of Jason Russell from 15 years ago the next time he does a grumpy/terse post here?  it isn't a close-up shot of his hairy ass or anything...  it still rankles that no one can send in-line pictures in e-debate posts any more because jerks were putting porn into their posts.  I understand why, of course, but still...Michael Korcok
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