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Er...2008...you know what i meant

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We are preparing final details right now, but one feature i wanted to
announce to people and start the process on is the Tab Room procedure.

In the spirit of making this a truly national tournament, and building on a
tradition of ceda representatives running a smooth and balanced tournament,
we are inviting each region to designate one person from their region who
would like to work in the tab room. Of course if every region applies we
wont be running 10 versions of the tab software and specific jobs will be
decided based on the skill pool of the selected . If for example you choose
Korcok to be your representative, we will station him at the handling stupid
problems abruptly desk... (jk)... We would like to know by Jan 1 who the
various designates are or if your region chooses not to designate.

The thinking behind this is that we want everyone regardless if they are
from the east the west the north the south or the mid west to feel that the
tab room is fair and balanced, not just ceda east and the mid-atlantic. This
is not to suggest that their is any unfairness in the previous tab rooms,
but to suggest that this is a national tournament and the whole nation of
debaters should have a say about their representative in the tab room.

The process could be similar to the voting for critic of the year, and once
we have the group of tabbers we will have a series of on line discussions to
make sure all bases and grounds are covered and all regional perspectives on
novice and JV are appreciated.

Joining the designated tabbers will be one towson person, and one person who
is responsible for making the computers go.

Andy Ellis

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