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Well perhaps we cant have a celebration of community and fun without talking about who fuqued who...no really and here is a different argument to answer the 'elitism' problem...as a judge and debater who may not always know the dca picks intimatly either cause they are not my friends i dont judge them regularly or i dont go to all the same tournaments...i have at times enjoyed the dethinigification the dca provides...for every bit of terriblenss there is at least half a bit of information that says ah casey harrigan is a person not just part of MSU BH...the dca s in this sense are personification of the elitism of the normal season speaker awards lists...kinda likw here are the names of peopl you see all year...here is far more info about them than you see the rest o the year...maybe this also why i am watching as much as i can about anna  and why when i go to the doctor i read people while i am waiting and not hilights....really can you honor yor friends in public without crossing what seem bvious lines

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Yeah, there were obviously some issues with bios being inappropriate, but 
it's not like that's part of the mandate of the DCA.  A lot of bios are very 
funny and tasteful.  It's nice to have a countdown, type of funny things 
about your friends, and share stories with the community.

Plus, it's not like Kall has something better to do.


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