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Tune it live at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/bmoredb8

Today at 4:30 i will be talking to Najib Jammal, debate coach of Frederick
Douglass High School, and Directer of Youth Organizing Urban Revitalization
Systems (Y.O.U.R.S). YOURS is a youth based community  initiative which
helps Baltimore City students to build susatianble youth run businesses.
They currently work in urban gardening, T shirt production, and a variety of
other Businesses the show will be an hour long and we will be joined by
several of the yours students.

Tomorrow at 10:30 Am we will be broadcasting live from the Baltimore open
public debate tournament. We will talk to people as they register about the
public debate and their cases, and what ever else transpires. We will cover
the reading of the forst paring and parts of debates.

Monday at 4:30 PM, i will be joined by Andreas Spiliadis, He will be
discussing his new album LIFT, as well as urban debate, pedagogy, and debate
across the curriculum. Andreas is a member of the band Jefferson Forklift
and on staff at the Baltimore urban debate league as a school outreach,
public debate, and debate across the curriculum specialist.

Thursday at 4:30 PM we will be talking to the High School apprentices of the
Baltimore Urban Debate League. The apprentices are paid employees who work
as middle school coaches and assistants. We will discuss the program, its
potential applications elsewhere, and its future. We hope also to be joined
by middle school students, teachers and parents.
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