[eDebate] Informal Announcement -- Marist College Seeking Assistant Coach

James Maritato james.maritato
Fri May 11 15:00:54 CDT 2007

Hello All,
      As many of you know, Sarah Stone Watt will be leaving us to direct at
Pepperdine this coming season.  Marist College will be searching for an
assistant debate coach to begin working with the program in late August 2007
until May of 2008.  A more formal posting is forthcoming, but details are up
in the air as I am negotiating new salary/terms (meaning better) for this
position with our admin.  In the meantime, here are some details for those
considering their options for next year:

- You will travel with the team and we will cover all of your costs.
- You will assist with research and instruction of the policy debate program
and public debate initiatives
-  You will have the opportunity to work with both committed, experienced
debaters as well as a contingent of eager and devoted novices
- You will not have to teach any classes.
- The position is part time, annual contract
- You do not have to move to Poughkeepsie, NY.  You can work with the team
remotely via the Internet and distance learning resources. (I should note
though, that a local candidate or someone who can travel to Poughkeepsie on
a monthly or bi-monthly basis would be ideal.
-  If you are local and have an MA in Communication or relevant professional
experience, you can likely pick up extra income teaching adjunct classes.
If you have a BA and prior teaching/coaching experience we may also be able
to work something out.
-  If you are not local and have an MA or relevant professional experience
and are tech savvy, you might be able to adjunct classes online.
-  You need to have a driver's license

     I'm hoping to have the formal announcement out next week, but please
feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.

Jim Maritato
Director of Debate
Marist College
845-575-3000 x2075
james.maritato at marist.edu
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