[eDebate] Summer Meeting/Topic Comm Travel Plans

Mike Davis davismk13
Fri May 11 22:10:22 CDT 2007

Hey all,

We are looking forward to hosting you in about a week. A few things:

1. Please let me know if you plan on attending and for how long. I want to
make sure we have enough room/chairs in the meeting room we have reserved.
2. If you need help with hotel rooms let me know. As far as I know no one
has had a hard time getting the conference rate even after the deadline.
Please let me know if this is not the case.
3. Travel arrangements - Let me know if you need a ride from an airport and
we can try to find someone coming from that area. We can pick up anyone from
the regional airport and the Richmond folks have offered to help transport
people if you are flying into Richmond. Just let me know what we can do to
help you get here.

If there is anything else. Please let me know.

Dr. Michael Davis
Director of Debate/Assistant Professor
James Madison University
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