[eDebate] Narrow the topic can you please...

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Mon May 14 11:57:02 CDT 2007

I wont make the topic committee this year.

To be honest, i felt rather disrespected last year when I attended, but now i do have the experience to talk some trash.

This year, there were too many affirmatives.   I almost worked our coaching staff to death.  (both of us)

I mean you had quirin
and then milliken 
and vawa, nope, i mean morrison
and then casey

there were like 20 affs at least.

so narrow it down a little

It would be nice if we had the topic researched by the end of october this year instead of december

I am sure I will be missed enough that the meeting will run on time

for those who attend,

watch out for the last day,  "nothing can be put on the ballot at the last minute"

but i hear some changes are in place

like, do we already know the possible resolutions?

"small" schools need a narrow topic so they can compete toe to toe with the "big" schools 
that what is missing, a little bit more narrowing of the topic, then we have competitive equity....

i mean we can:
be mean to the middle east
be nice to the middle east
deal with specific areas like weapons or aid

or we could just let the debaters debate

Resolved:  The USFG should substantially change its foreign policy in the Middle East.

I know it probably cant pass the grammarian "what if" speak,

but once again, i will say, its not rocket science

simplify it
dont try to control it

with any resolution we will get debate, 
with narrow resolutions come shallow ideas debate

Democracy at its best.


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