[eDebate] Falwell Passing

Galloway, Ryan W. rwgallow
Tue May 15 15:07:23 CDT 2007

Gordon has been far more eloquent than I can be in his discussion of Falwell.  I think Falwell's contributions to debate should be applauded, and our community owes a deep gratitude for both the monetary contributions and time commitments that Falwell gave to the activity.

A specific attribute I always liked about Falwell was his willingness to engage in the Question & Answer periods at Liberty.  This is a man who would walk into a room and defend his views in a question & answer period knowing that the vast majority of the room disagreed with him.  I frequently disagreed with Falwell's political point of view, but admired the fact that he would engage in this process with students, and directly confront his critics.  Indeed, I frequently found the exchanges to be enlightening to all, both in clarifying Falwell's position, and exposing potential weaknesses in the very arguments Falwell was defending.  And yet, he was always open to hear the point of view of his critics.  

I'm stunned that we would see a response in this forum celebrating the death of Falwell.  

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