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Donald Bryson anabaptist
Tue May 15 15:17:27 CDT 2007

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A2: Ellis

Yeah, so I'm one of the few in the debate community who can/will admit to this.....I'm a Baptist.  I'm not a fundamentalist, but I am evangelical (yes there's a difference and don't display your ignorance and tell me there's not).  Just so ya know, it's hard to be a political conservative in this community because the moment you let anyone know, they jump on you like a pack of wolves.  Your comments just help to further ostracize anyone who is conservative within the community.

I think that it is a sad day when anyone in our community celebrates someone's death due to their action in AMERICAN POLITICS.  Good heavens, Andy.  From the way you talk it sounds like me and my church are about to march on the BUDL right now and insist that white supremacy and elitism be hammered into high school students because Jerry Fallwell said so.  Seriously?  The South African Apartheid?  Is that what my father does every time he goes to Ghana, Nigeria, or Kenya?  Oh gosh....well I didn't know.  I'm glad that you can inform me of what MY ACTIONS are doing.

I understand that you don't agree with the religious right or its politics but the comparison that you made is absolutely and atrociously offensive to a bunch of people.  Not necessarily in this community, I know, but I like to consider myself a part of this community.

Okay, now that I'm out of the way, we'll get back to Falwell.  Yes, Dr. Falwell ticked off a lot of people.  Ya know what, so did Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon, FDR, JFK, Jimmy Carter, Barry Goldwater, Bush Sr., Bush Jr., Bill Frist, me, Andy Ellis, any assortment of panels at the NDT, etc.  Does this mean that when any of these people die that the people that disagreed with them should celebrate because they feel the world has become a better place?  I could be wrong (doubtful) but I think that that is functionally your argument Andy.

Was it a good thing that Stalin died?  Probably.  He killed a lot of people.  Was it a good thing that Hitler died?  Probably.  Is it sad that a human life ended?  It should be.  

Is it a sad thing that Jerry Falwell died?  Yes.  Did he help debate? Yes.  Did he upset some people and make some waves in politics? Yes.  Did he kill thousand upons thousands of people and cause suffering beyond all comprehension like the people you mention?  If he did, please tell me of these great happenings because I missed them on Lexis.

Your world may be better.  Fine.  You may feel better about how American politics will take shape or something like that, but it's still sad that you celebrated his death.

I disagreed with a big ol' pile of Falwell's theology.  He and I come from two schools of theological thought (within Baptists anyway).  So if you think that I'm defending my role model or someone that I really looked up to, I'm not.

You think you took your own little metaphysical high road, huh?  My ass.

I do have a question, are we going to meet the president (or chancellor) of Towson at any of the Baltimore tournaments this year?

Donald Bryson
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