[eDebate] Falwell passes (quick post-script)

Alyse Kraus alyse.kraus
Tue May 15 19:29:13 CDT 2007

I would also like to point out that, as a member of a community where we
frequently hear about programs fading away, being cut, or having to fight
for funds, so long as Dr. Falwell was around you would never see that
scenario at Liberty. Also, as a coach at a school where the administration
has functionally pulled the rug out from under us and ended what was once a
successful and vibrant program, I can say that I would have been happy to
have a Dr. Falwell as Chancellor or President.  Too often programs need to
fight for institutional recognition or support. Dr. Falwell broke the mold
and fought for debate using his substantial institutional power and
resources.  Many administrators with whom you are probably much more
politically compatible have never done half as much.  Remember that the next
time you make some comment about schools struggling for funds or how debate
excludes people.  Jerry Falwell loved and supported debate and helped build
a program where ANYONE who wanted to could learn to debate, get great
coaching, and travel to a large number of tournaments every year.  I can't
help but wish there were more administrators like him - in that world
Catholic, Alabama, and countless other schools might still have programs.

Alyse Kraus
Catholic University
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