[eDebate] Need last-minute LD staff?

Michael Mangus mmangus
Tue May 15 21:41:02 CDT 2007

if your high school workshop has a Lincoln-Douglas component and you
need to make a last-minute addition to your staff, backchannel me. one
of my camp jobs for this summer fell through today and i have no other
marketable skills. i am free from now until mid-august except for
another camp commitment june 30-july 22. as an LDer, i won glenbrooks
and was top seed at toc; as a freelance coach i've worked as an
assistant for successful LD programs including glenbrook north, strake
jesuit, and menlo-atherton; i now do "real" debate at pitt. id be
willing to work for cheap because i dont want to go back to

michael mangus
mmangus at gmail.com

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