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Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Tue May 15 23:45:54 CDT 2007

I have apologized to falwells family and friends who might be reading. I
will also apologize for comparing him to pol pot stalin etc, though i have
disclaimed many times, and included in my intial list a spectrum of
political perpsectives, my attempt to compare falwell to other revolutionary
leaders who brought about much of their polictial vision, failed ( in part
because none of you see falwell as a revolutionary and in part because you
cant as qucikly connect the dots to the suffering he has caused)

I will continue backchannels, but i'm not gonna say the same thing over and
over again, many of you disagree with me, and to be honest i dont think i
would give a fuqk if you smiled when i died.

One last note, i truly do appreciate the support he gave liberty, the
region, and the national debate community, i do not mean in any way to take
away from that loss, my only argument is that should not be the only part of
his lifes work we look at, so perhaps this is a perm, i can accept the good
things he did for debate, but think that the rest of his work should be
considered as well amd as ralph reed says we should consider the
consequential nature of that life...wholly not just myopicaly focused o the
debate community
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