[eDebate] Blake Johnson & Conor Cleary

Gregg Hartney gregg.hartney
Wed May 16 14:36:57 CDT 2007

I know it is fashionable to hack, slash & cut the celebrated debaters on "the list", but I'll leave that to others. I just want to publicly say "Thank you" to two exceptional people, the top team from the University of Oklahoma. These two guys "adopted" my top CXers 2 & 1/2 years ago and were singularly responsible for the TOC bid (the first one for our school in 23 years!) that they earned. They were patient, they were dedicated, and they were professional, and they did it all without ANY pay. So maybe they don't have much of a future in a capitalistic society, but they certainly know the meaning of "give back to the activity."

OK, if I believe everyone else, they are sexual deviants with dangerous political leanings, but for my money, they are amazing guys. I thank them form the bottom of my heart.

Gregg Hartney
Jenks HS (Oklahoma) Debate

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