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The CEDA Topic Selection meetings are almost here so I wanted to share our
documents and a rough plan for the topic meetings. I am pasting in below my
long blog post which has a schedule, agenda, and procedures. If you use the
linked version at the blog.cedatopic.com link or directly at
ting-agenda-schedule-and-procedure.aspx  you will see a full linked copy of
our reports (and likely a cleaner format for this document). As more items
become available I will be adding them to the blog. 

2007 CEDA Topic Selection Committee Meeting Agenda, Schedule, and Procedure

Current Committee:

Gordon Stables, Chair & CEDA EC Rep		Darren Elliott, CEDA EC Rep
Ryan Galloway, At-Large Rep				Steve Mancuso, NDT
Candice Moore, Student Rep				Joe Patrice, CEDA EC
Sue Peterson, At-Large Rep				Greta Stahl,
At-Large Rep
Kelly Young, ADA Rep

The Topic Selection Committee will meet according to the following schedule.
All sessions are being held at James Madison University and open to the
public. The sessions will be webcast (link forthcoming) and the community
may leave input on the blog at www.blog.cedatopic.com  Please use this site
as a way to keep feedback organized during the meetings.

This schedule and agenda are the defaults unless adjusted by the committee.
The committee may adjust the schedule to meet for longer in a session, but
the committee must adjourn no later than 3 pm on Wednesday 5/23.


Monday - May 21
Morning Session 					CEDA Business
Afternoon session (1 - 5 pm) 			Topic Selection Committee 

Tuesday - May 22
Morning Session (9:30 am - noon)		Topic Selection Committee
Afternoon Session (1:15 pm - 5:00 pm)		Topic Selection Committee

Wednesday - May 23
Morning Session (9:30 am - noon)		Topic Selection Committee
Afternoon Session (1:15 pm - 3:00 pm)		Topic Selection Committee


I.	Commissioning of Problem Areas for 07-08 Controversy Papers 

Goal: The basic task of the committee is to commission a set of controversy
papers for the next topic cycle. These items should reflect potential areas
of promising debate and are only intended to provide a minimum number of
options for the next topic cycle.

A.	New Items	(New papers needed)

1.	Global Infectious Disease
a.	Potentially international actor
2.	Education
a.	Colleges and universities (admissions, athletics, funding)
b.	Primary education (access, funding, curriculum)
3.	Domestic Aspects of Globalization
a.	Labor laws 
b.	Environmental regulations
c.	Zoning laws
4.	Urban Policy
a.	Transportation
b.	Housing
c.	Education
5.	Others _____________________

B.	Controversies from Last Year	(Revisions, updating, etc.)

	Latin America
	Genetic Engineering
	US Weapons Posture/Doctrine
	Military Reforms

II.	Developing Resolutions to Engage the Middle East

A.	Procedural Notes

1.	The constitutionally mandated task:
... the committee will report to the Executive Secretary no fewer than three
resolutions corresponding to the winning topic area. The resolutions should
be phrased so as to affirm the value of future and specific governmental
change, and suggesting a broad but predictable array of potential
affirmative plans.

2.	The Role of The Controversy Paper:
The wording that appeared on the first ballot, "Should the US increase
constructive engagement in the Middle East?" functions as the parameters for
the committee's work in wording a specific topic. This does not mean that
these words are locked into a topic, but rather that the following
controversies will serve as guiding precedents for our work. The basic topic
concept and direction are the types of information you should regard as
fixed in this controversy.

3.	The procedure for developing the resolutions:
The topic selection committee and volunteers were divided into four
sub-committees to examine sections of the topic. Each committee will present
their findings and consider relevant terms in their area of research. As the
committee considers each section of the topic research versions of potential
wordings will be developed. This will be a gradual process as the specific
controversies are discussed.

For a specific resolution to appear on the ballot presented to the Executive
Secretary it must be approved by a majority of the committee (There are nine
members of the committee). The slate of resolutions approved by the
committee at the adjournment of the meeting will be submitted to the
executive secretary.

B.	Elements of a Constructive Engagement to the Middle East Topic

1.	Constructive Engagement		
	A.	Discussion led by Stables, Elliott, Barnes
B.	Recommendation (linked) of including the term Constructive
Engagement - Stables
C.	Literature review (linked) of the term Constructive Engagement -

2.	Security Guarantees 
	A.	Discussion led by Stahl, Young, Maffie, Watson
		(All of the following reports are linked in single security
B.	 "Security Guarantee" Report-Watson

C.	"Confidence-Building Measures" report-Young			
D.	"Military Assistance/Mil-to-Mil Cooperation" report-Stahl

E.	"Security Assistance" report-Stahl

F.	"Military Commitments" report-Maffie				

3.	Economic Assistance
	A.	Discussion led by - Galloway, Patrice, Moore, (with thanks
to Ed Lee) 
	B.	Specific recommendation of use of term 'foreign assistance'

4.	Specific Countries
	A.	Discussion led Mancuso, Peterson, Davis, (with thanks to
Julian Gagnon)
				(Specific discussion of countries using the
tiers suggested by the controversy paper. The initial recommendations from
that paper are in parenthesis.)
		B.	Group One: (Recommended in favor of inclusion)
Afghanistan, Iran, Lebanon, the Palestinian Authority, and Syria.
C.	Group Two: (Recommended against inclusion) Egypt, Iraq and Israel. 
		D.	Group Three: (No recommendation in original paper)
Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

Chair - CEDA Topic Selection Committee

Gordon Stables, Ph.D.
Director of Debate
Annenberg School for Communication
University of Southern California
Office: 213 740 2759               Fax: 213 740 3913

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