[eDebate] Any camp openings available?

Dan Davis ddgfxh
Thu May 17 10:10:23 CDT 2007

If so, I'm interested. 
  I am a h.s. program director in metro Atlanta and have extensive coaching and teaching experience. I also coached the CEDA champs and NDT quarterfinalists on the college Africa topic in 2000-2001. 
  Here's some more self-promotion if that kind of thing appeals to you: 
  2nd place, 1996 Kentucky RR
Semis, 1996 Harvard 
Quarters, 1996 Wake
Winner, 1996 Univ. of S. California
Top Speaker, 3rd place, 1997 Dartmouth RR
Finalist, 1997 NDT
Coach, 2001 CEDA National Champs
Coach, 2001 NDT quarterfinalists
Coach, 2002 NDT semifinalists 
Instructor, DDI 1997-2002
Instructor, Fellows 1998-1999
Instructor, Michigan 2003-2006
  Thanks for your consideration!

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