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V I Keenan vikeenan
Thu May 17 10:25:52 CDT 2007

one quote keeps running through my head for this discussion:

"The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their
bones; So let it be with Caesar." - Marc Antony*

Act III, Sc. 2, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare (1599)

Some things don't change - give it 400 to 2000 years, and commenting on the
death of controversial public figures doesn't get easier to the mob . . .
*But as a note: in that quote Antony was being ironic in his depiction of
Caesar to sway the crowd to defend him (the whole oration is a classic
example of argument, rhetoric, and persuasion: "Friends, Romans, Countrymen.
. . The noble Brutus hath told you Caesar was ambitious . . . And Brutus is
an Honourable man"). So perhaps its even more appropriate for a man who
understood the power of debate as a tool of politics ...

the real question is always the irony of "honourable men", because Caesar
was in fact ambitious and guilty of the accusations, and Brutus was in fact
honorable, but Brutus' ACTION/RESPONSE was not . . . which is why there is
always a question if Brutus was or was not the "hero" in the play.

yes, this is lit-geeky, but it was either this or comparison of the death of
the William Jennings Bryan (Matthew Harrison Brady) figure in Inherit the
Wind and the eulogizing over him by the Clarence Darrow (Henry Drummond)
figure at the end of the play.  In that case, Andy would be Mencken
(Hornbeck) - the skeptical reporter. I can just quote the Bard better off
the top of my head . . .

(neo-pagan-prochoice-feminist-ally-former(secular)NYC public school
teacher-who pretty much likes/respects Liberty debaters)

Vik Keenan
Director - Baruch Debate, CUNY
Assoc. Director - New York Coalition of Colleges
212/992-9641 or 347/683-6894
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