[eDebate] re my study (survey you probably took)

Jim Hanson hansonjb
Thu May 17 17:47:56 CDT 2007

this past winter, I asked people to fill out a survey. I want to thank everyone that participated and it was a lot--489 people responded.

unfortunately, none of the hypotheses I was testing turned out to be true.

my main hypothesis was that policy debaters were overwhelmingly first born or only children. turns out that wasn't true. about 59% of debaters are first born or only children; that is more than the 53% of americans who are first born or only children but not anything dramatic.

on our squad, for the past ten years, first borns have made up the vast majority of our policy debaters who have competed for at least a year (loosely around 95%); most of the few exceptions have been students with a 4 year gap from their older sibling (which, the "birth order" literature--kind of a suspect area of research--says is "significant") or whose older sibling(s) were debaters.

anyway, I thought I would share the results even if they weren't what I thought they might be.

jim :)
hansonjb at whitman.edu
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