[eDebate] Request from host: need help for NFL national tournament

Matthew Cook wsu.cook
Mon May 21 22:33:10 CDT 2007

anyone in the Wichita area, or will be in the area during the tournament,
should lend a helping hand to the tournament process. This tournament
dwarfs the logistics of any tournament that NDT/CEDA debaters and coaches go
to and run and requires a vast amount of charity and volunteerism in order
to run smoothly. Last year's Dallas tournament was a success in part due to
the outstanding work of those who did not directly benefit
(financially) from their labor. The help required, at this point, is not
typical debate or speech work. What is needed are people willing to set
up tables and chairs at extemp prep, run ballots during the tournament, and
make the act of tabulating the tournament as flawless as possible, as well
as other, less glamorous tasks that hold an comparable amount of importance
to that of judging or coaching. I know manual labor doesn't necessarily
appeal to a huge cross-section of debate-types, but i know that people are
willing to work hard to make sure tournament experiences are enjoyable (UTD
hospitality anyone?). NFL and the Kansas districts have done as much as
possible short of manditory conscription, which is becoming more and more
likely the longer people hold out on volunteering.

Hell, if you're in town anyway, and you're not busy cutting uniqueness
updates, then you might as well make sure the tournament your teams are
competing at is as successful as possible. If you're not coaching, then
you're bored (its wichita) and it only makes sense to keep your mind
occupied on something other than the lack of foliage. Mr. Yager and the
South Kansas and Sunflower NFL districts have been working non-stop,
tirelessly for 3 years to make this tournament a reality. Encourage your
students to commute to wichita, if only for a day, to mingle with the high
school community, create ties, build bridges, whatever, with potential
recruits and high school coaches. I personally will be there because i owe
it to Mr. Yager. You can justify it however you want. if you're feeling
charitable at all, please contact Mr. Dalvin Yager (Derby High School Debate
and Forensics coach/ tournament host) and offer your services. He can be
reached at DYager at usd260.com .


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