[eDebate] Formal list of resolutions from the Topic Committee

Gordon Stables stables
Wed May 23 11:49:02 CDT 2007

We have concluded our work in Harrisonburg and transmitted the official
slate to the CEDA Exec Secretary. He will release the formal ballot to the
community in due time, but in the interim the community may view the
resolutions at

Thanks to Mike Davis and all of the JMU folk for their hospitality. Thanks
as well to Mike Maffie and Steve Mancuso for a great controversy paper.
Thanks to Hays Watson and Julian Gagnon for community based recommendations
for wording (i.e., wording papers). Thanks to the committee for a great year
of work. Finally, thanks to the community for all of your active
involvement. We had over 1500 hits on the blog in the last week and think
this a tremendous testament to your interest and involvement.

Our task is complete - now it is up to you to consider the options.

Chair, CEDA - Topic Selection Committee

Gordon Stables, Ph.D.
Director of Debate
Annenberg School for Communication
University of Southern California
Office: 213 740 2759               Fax: 213 740 3913

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