[eDebate] No, it's not really alright to be pissed off about the topics

Kelly Young kel1773
Wed May 23 23:14:58 CDT 2007

Korcok says:Every year someone is pissed off by the list of topics that come out of
the topic committee. And every year I defend the topic process and mock
the malcontents. I have written 3 posts today only to have Jessica
convince me to send each one to the Drafts folder and take a long walk.
So tomorrow, or the next day, or whenever, I will express my
frustration while still trying to be constructive.This day I will only
post that if you are really disturbed with what has come out of the
topic committee, you are not alone. Michael KorcokBakersfield College
Me: No, it's not really acceptable for you to be pissed off about the potential resolutions. Unlike in most years, we posted web broadcasts of the meetings, posted working papers and working resolutions throughout the process and the committee was 100% faithful to the excellent paper written by Mancuso and Maffie and Watson, which the community has had access to for other a week to several months to consider (all three of which were unusually at the meeting to check us to make sure we where faithful to their papers). We watched both EDEBATE and the CEDA TOPIC blog everyday prior to and during our meeting. There were perhaps maybe 6-7 posts at most about the resolutions during all of this. And this is different than the usually bad claim that "well, I cannot afford to attend the meeting this year" nonsense. We posted everything electrically and recorded the meetings and thanks to Gordon Stables, was by far the most transparent and input seeking topic committee arrangement ever. Yet, there was the silence, and silence and even more silence until the resolutions were released. If you want to be pissed, be pissed that you did not: (1) offer a wording paper; (2) offer ANY input to the topic blog; (3) watch the web casts; or (4) sat anything at the NCA meetings, edebate calls for response and the other dozen demands for input on this process. Kelly M. Young, Ph.D.
Director of Forensics/
Assistant Professor
Communication Department
Wayne State University
585 Manoogian Hall
Detroit, MI 48201
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