[eDebate] Kelly is right about one thing today

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Thu May 24 00:36:32 CDT 2007

Kelly is right about one thing today, or yesterday depending on the time zone.

Namely, I don't think many people have a legitmate right to say anything about
these topics no matter how flawed. Why? because most of you did not do a damn
thing during the topic process. Most of you did not bother to suggest or write
a topic paper. Few actually contributed wording papers. And suprisingly few
people particpated  in on-line discussions during the topic meeting.

So, I say you should now take what you deserve to get. Apparently, a vast
majority of those in the debate community could not give one shit about the
wording of the topic--because, they are going to either find a way to run a K
or find some link to a politcs disad, no matter what the topic is.

Why do I care? because I tend to coach novice and JV debaters, which means I
have to do a lot of work explaining topics and researcha ssignments. Bad
resolutions make my life more difficult.

I and others have offered plenty of ways to fix the topic selection process, but
few seem to care. So, I say you get what you deserve. You got it two years ago
on CHina and then you got it last year with the Courts topic. It reminds me of
people as the gas station driving Seqouia's and Hummers, bitching about the
high price of gas and wondering why we don't just leave them there A-Rabs


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