[eDebate] JOB: Coaching GW Debate Team

Steven D'Amico stevendamico
Thu May 24 08:12:11 CDT 2007

GW is looking for a new debate coach who will report directly to our
Director of Forensics, Steven Keller. I am stepping down because I just
don't have the time to be in charge of the team. The job is best suited for
a GW graduate or law student as the job can grant tuition benefits. The team
will be very small next year and doesn't expect a national travel
schedule--if you know any friends who attend GW in any capacity and have
policy debate experience you should let them now about this opportunity
because I doubt the job will require the time commitment I've given it the
last few years.

Steve Keller is a great, active and well respected director of forensics.
Our office is only about five blocks from the Whitehouse, so you won't have
to suffer from a slow  painful radiation death when next years nuclear war
disads become reality.

Get in touch with me for more details.
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