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Thu May 24 08:31:31 CDT 2007

When I was young I had to take a few religious education classes.  One day, the instructor explained how a 16 year-old girl was like a birthday cake, all brand new and frosted.  He explained that if she makes out and heavy pets with boys, it's like licking the frosting off a brand new birthday cake.  And nobody wants a cake with the frosting licked off.
The analogy below, made by Korcok, is quite possibly the SECOND least appropriate and ill-conceived analogy I've ever heard.  He should be ashamed for writing it.  He should initiate a self-imposed exile from edebate of a period no less than six months for coming up with this horrid analogy.  mjs

Second, you all are the topic committee and you write topics.  I am not on the topic committee and I do not write topics.  Think of it this way:  you are General Motors and you make cars.  I am Joe American and I buy one of your cars.   If I buy your Pinto and it explodes, I get to complain about what a shitty car you made.  And you don't get to respond with "HEY!!!  I didn't see you at the engineering meetings!"
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