[eDebate] Ans Young.

Steven D'Amico stevendamico
Thu May 24 08:49:08 CDT 2007


Your attitude is insulting and condescending. I just wrote an email going
point by point on your last email but it doesn't even seem worth it.

I will say this. Your GM analogy is silly--GM doesn't invite citizens to
design their cars. You could have written a wording paper before hand and

What do you expect your attitude to accomplish strategically? All you have
done here is make folks dislike you even more. I don't even know you and I'm
bothered. How does it feel to have someone dislike you just for what you
typed on a web page? The idea that the TC will get together and do new reses
is laughable, so all you have really done is hurt your relationships with
other folks.

Seriously, have you ever thought about leadership at all and how you should
lead with praise before you rip into people? Do you even understand how to
get a long with other people or a community you value?

Try this next time. "I think the work the topic committee did was really
valuable and I'm sorry I couldn't make it there to offer input. I have one
slight concern I'd like y'alls input on, are we worried that the
non-grammatical nature of these resolutions might hurt novice recruitment?
Is there any way to fix it?"

You get more flies with honey--oh but wait you don't care about that.

Steve D'Amico
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