[eDebate] Delicious Topic Controversies

jack sprat glueboy1000
Thu May 24 09:26:42 CDT 2007

Stannard says:
  "When I was young I had to take a few religious education classes. One day, the instructor explained how a 16 year-old girl was like a birthday cake, all brand new and frosted. He explained that if she makes out and heavy pets with boys, it's like licking the frosting off a brand new birthday cake. And nobody wants a cake with the frosting licked off."
  I say:
  Delicious Cake!!
  D'Amico Says:
  "You get more flies with honey--oh but wait you don't care about that. "
  I say:
  You sure caught this fly!  Honey is delicious!
  Andy says:
  "I beleive, though my research on this is not fully developed, the topic 
committee is using a method known as the double buffet,also know as "the 
fazzoli method", and a close relative "the restricted fazzoli method". "
  I say:
  Mmmm. . . .Fazzoli's.  Also, Andy, to be fair, Ken Delaughter pioneered the double-buffet method (as well as his vaunted triple buffet and a drive through metric).

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