[eDebate] List of things to prep for on just one Affirmative case.

scottelliott at grandecom.net scottelliott
Thu May 24 12:52:56 CDT 2007

Sitting here thinking about it. Here is one example of what I am going to have
to do for just one case. It is really quite manageable now that I have thoguht
about it. I am sure you will agree after reading this list.

To use Kelly's most middle of the road "Golan Heights" Affirmative case example:

C-Plans to prep against:

No U.S. troops-just observers.
No troops, just survellance flights using predator drones with sweet hellfire
No Troops, but promises to keep the 5th or 6th fleet on the doorstep for bombing
raids if either one of the countries attacks.
No troops, but lots of confidence building measures.
Technology-landmines or a big fense, or sensors
Technology-work with Israel to create a missle defense shield for small rockets.

NATO Troops instead of U.S. Troops
EU troops instead of U.S. Troops
Russian Troops instead of U.S. Troops

Different mechanisms--almost a plan-plan style of debate.

Consult Turkey (huge) (all of those bilateral and tri-lateral resolutions make
these competitive and non-topical)
Consult Turkey and Greece
Consult the new government of Iraq
Consult Iran
Consult Saudi Arabia
Consult Oman
Consult Jordon
Consult with UAE
Consult Russia
Consult with Afghanstan
Consult with Pakistan
Consult with India
Consult with China
Consult with Japan
Consult via a Pan-Arabic conference
Consult the PLO
Consult with Hamas
Consult with Hezbollah
Consult with the PLA
Consult with NATO
Consult with the EU
Consult with U.S. NGO's
Consult with Oil Corporations
Consult with any other coutnry--Venezuela and Cuba comes to mind.

Agent of Action C-plans:

NATO  (the resolutions, in my opinion opens the door for multiple agent of
action c-plans)
Congress enacts
Executive Order
United Nations with real troops and U.S. logistical support.


Turkey-Water wars
Turkey-Invade the Kurds
Turkey-Civil War
Turkey-Shift to radical Islam
Turkish Elections
Turkey EU Relations
Collapse of Turkey's secular government
Turkey wars with Syria
Turkey wars with Israel

Syrian civil war
Syria reinvades Lebanon
Syrian government collapse
Syrian government bolsterd witha shunning impact
Syrian proliferation of the CBW's is is holding over from the Iraq regime change
Syrian water conflicts
Syrian Encirclement (damn! U.S. Troops to the west of Syria and now U.S. troops
to the South of Syria. Better reinvade Lebanon so we can have a bigger power

Strengthen Hamas
Strengthen Hezbollah
Strengthen the PLO
Strengthen the PLA
Strengthen Al Queda

Weaken Hamas
Weaken Hezbollah (weakness will cause them to want to do a spectacular terror
Weaken the PLO
Weaken the PLA
Weaken Al Queda

Weaken/Strengthen the Pan-Islamic movements


Israeli Elections
Israeli Civil War (I guess there are at least five different link stories to
have to work through)
Israeli hard-liner coup
Isreali crackdown on the PLA
Isreali crackdown on Hezbollah
Israeli crackdown on Hamas
Isreali crackdown on the PLO
Israeli Proliferation--vertical and horizontal, including CBW's and new
generation nukes.
Undermine negotiations with Hezbollah
Undermine negotiations with the PLA
Undermine engotiations with the PLO

Iranian Elections
Iran hardliner crack down
Iran civl war
Iran links up with Al Queda even more
Iran and Hezbollah relations--Al Queda
Destruction of the Iranian Green/Environmental movement (oops! Meant to save
that one for myself)
Crush Pro-Democracy movement in Iran.
Iranian Proliferation with a nice Israeli First strike scenario
Iranian interference in Iraq


Iraq elections
Iraq overstretch
Iraq Civil War
Iranian take over of Iraq
Shiite take over of Iraq
Shia take over of Iraq


Jordanian transition to democracy crushed
Overthrow of the King
Palestian revolt within Jordon

Saudi Arabia

Saudi democracy effort crushed
Saudi Credibility in the Arab world

UAE problems with a natural gas cut off scenario.

United States:

Presidential Elections
Congressional Elections
Military overstretch
No such thing as a fair broker
Soft power
Hard power

Midle East Overpopulation/Water scarcity/ and environmental problems

Oil shocks
Caucus Region Oil shocks
Bosphorus region oil shock

Russian Encirclement (link U.S. influence greater in the Arab world)
China Encirclement (link U.S. influence greater in the Arab world)
Russia and China alliance
Russian oil interests
CHinese Oil Interests


Feminism and IR
Realism bad
Relaims good


Syria will nevers agree
Israel will never agree because of all the stuff that would happen if it did
(Which is why if I ran the Gloan as a case, i would never claim to solve, I
would only claim advanatges from the "offer" to negotiate)

Mere existence of the infidel Israel in Islamic lands of Palestine guarantee
global conflict inevitable.

Makes U.S troops an easy target for terroists.
Hatred of U.S. occupiers in Iran will translate over to presence on Syrian
border. In other words, all of the Islamic hatred toward the U.S. occupying
Arab lands will only get worse because now the U.S, troops will be in Iraq.

That's all my feeble, uninformed on the subject area, mind can generate as
research assignments in one hour for just the Golan Hieghts case.

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