[eDebate] Help out new programs.

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Thu May 24 16:38:59 CDT 2007

Despite what some people see as the difficulty in having new people approach
this topic next year, we are gonna try anyway....

To that end, between now and July 1st we are trying to get a pool of entry
fees to use for new and emerging programs attending baltimore college debate
tournaments. We also will use this pool to offer waived entry fees to
programs who are having budgetary struggles.

The purpose behind these credits is to be able to cover the costs of new
programs when they debate at our tournaments, last year all food and judge
payments basically came out of pocket, and fees become a minor reimbursement
for that, this prevented us from directing the money generated from fees
into more programming, hired judging, and better tournaments.

this is a pilot for a project by a Baltimore Youth Non Profit(Y.O.U.R.S.) to
create a social investment portfolio(SIP), in which a series of very
specific projects are submitted for collective funding to a community of
people who have an interest in seeing them succeed. Please help us
demonstrate that such projects can in fact achieve their goals, and i will
keep you posted on further additions to the SIP.

Each entry fee credit is $15 and will cover one team at one tournament. We
aim to collect 50 credits by July 1st.

Credits can be purchased here

You can use pay pal or credit card (do this by clicking on the pay pal icon)

Thank you
and please ask me if you have any questions.
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