[eDebate] Secret Topic Committee insight

andy liu andyliudebate
Thu May 24 17:11:27 CDT 2007

I had the following conversation with CEDA First Vice President and Topic 
Committee member Joseph Patrice yesterday.

Me: Joe, what was the rationale for you all to write [boring detail about 
the resolution]?

Joe: I don't know, I was reading about Oden.

I think it's safe to assume that all longtime Sonics and Blazers but 
especially Sonics fans in the debate community (all threehahaha) deserve 
undeserving amounts of praise and congratulations from everyone else right 
now, especially Doc Rivers. Right now I feel like there is a party occurring 
both in my mouth and pants simultaneously. We will be celebrating our 
fortunes all summer by partying underneath Interstate 5, which will be weird 
because it's not a bridge.

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