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Thanks for the question. You will notice that the phrase "substantial
increase in foreign assistance" was retained because there is a reasonable
defense of quantitative approaches to making an item like foreign assistance
larger. The nature of fiscal matters lends itself well to such comparisons.


At the same time this was not true for the relatively few and discrete items
known as security guarantees. They tend to be much fewer thus making the
scale of increase less significant because each one is important. 


It was also less relevant for constructive engagement because the scope of
the increase was provided elsewhere (with assistance or guarantees) and also
because the term substantially might imply without condition or
qualification. It was our impression that constructive engagement was very
much a negotiated (conditioned, tied, bargained, etc) term and adding any
phrase that would provide no unique limiting role and also weaken the basic
meaning of the term was not advisable.


Thanks. Let me know if that makes sense.



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Dear Dr. Stables:


I'm sure this was discussed at the topic meeting, but what was the rationale
for the omission of "substantially" from the resolution choices?  Not making
any judgements on this one way or the other, just thought it was notable.  




Logan Martin

University of Denver

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