[eDebate] Topic wording

LACC Forensics forensics
Sun May 27 19:21:42 CDT 2007

How about some constructive alternatives? I haven't been on the topic
committee (nor do I think I will ever want to put myself in that situation
considering how they are treated by the community) but I think there is
plenty of evidence that they take their job seriously and make every
significant effort to develop a resolution that will provide ground and
ample opportunity for education. And for many, many years now, their efforts
are wasted because, as Scott rightly points out, a significant portion of
the community (almost all of California for example) aren't going to bother
to answer the resolutional question.

It would be one thing to complain if any of you could substantiate your
insinuations that the members of the topic committee are idiots, but they
are not. They are our colleagues and they make a genuine effort at doing a
good job and though I won't claim that I think they are always 100%
successful, having watched literally thousands of debates over the last 26
years, I have to put more blame on poor coaching and lazy researching for
the poor arguments (that get worse each year) I hear in so many of those

I spend much of my time recruiting students and defending my funding by
pointing out the by and large the members of the debate community are some
of the smartest people in the world. How about we all get together to prove
that claim by using our vast knowledge, experience, intelligence and talent
to actually be creative and teach debate this season by recognizing that
good research and application of logic can make any decent resolution work
for the educational benefit of our students. If you are having trouble
finding links to your lame politics disad or your generic K, try this - do
some research and write some good topic-specific args this year.

Let the flames begin.


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