[eDebate] words compiled in a list of possiblly funny and maybe serious thoughts with little to no support and lots of opinion, aka my bullshit

Nicole nicole.colston
Mon May 28 19:06:37 CDT 2007

I had some thoughts about all the words in the potential resolution, but I
forgot them before I could finish reading that "tightrope of death"
sentence.  I got this creepy feeling (chills) that someone somewhere was
trying to revive/justify Topicality as a good argument.

 The topic meetings sound really really fun, but my lease always ends June
1st, so I end up moving all my hippie possessions around instead.  I used to
feel guilty, now I just try to pretend like I don't care until it is too
late to change anything.  It helps, really.

Debate should include the potential for DISCOVERY, that's uh like uh ideas
and word combinations for actions that humanity
hasn't prescribed/transcribed/imbibed in its literature-base yet.  Or maybe
just some that we hadn't found yet.

Sometimes, normally during the 2NC/1NR, I flashback to this politician I
heard upchucking in a bathroom stall once.  I could tell he had fast food
that day, but I couldn't tell which side of the invisible line he was on, oh

Predictability is not a standard in life, most of us end up learning the
hard way, going the long way around.  Everyone else is just hiding, sittin'
on the dock of the bay.  Poor Otis.

 Seriously though, the key to life might just be style.  It's not what you
do, but rather HOW you do the damn thing.  I think thats what Ken was
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